The Mother and the neue Maschine

by Blood of the Mother

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Born of The Mother and bleeding from the violence of a contorted birth, the neue Maschine wakes.

He stumbles through the dark light of a dim and random place. As night relents, his wood and metal cores coalesce and organise into forms anew. A growing hunger countered by instinctual urge compels him to slake a growing blood thirst, and so the neue Maschine must feed. Electrons as lifeblood, they course through his copper veins and glassy heart and he is alive with volume and light, and he is strong.

Assimilating, healing, thinking? Surges of electrical consciousness flow in the neue Maschine and so he begins to think of this place, these walls, these people and his own nascent bleeding self. Yet…… The Mother, his Mother, where is The Mother? The broken shards of a trauma unknown compile and reform as a despicable but inevitable truth. He had not bled and he did not bleed. He wore the Blood of the Mother.

The new Maschine screamed.


released November 9, 2014

All songs recorded and mixed by Blood of the Mother. Additional guitar and bass tracks recorded by Ross McGowan at Chime Studio.

Track 1 mastered by Scott Hamilton, tracks 2-4 mastered by Carl Saff of Saff Mastering, Chicago.



all rights reserved


Blood of the Mother Glasgow, UK

The Maschine is born of The Mother and he bleeds of a fraught and violent birth.
He is blind in this darkened place. As the black subsides, cores of wood and metal coalesce to forms anew.He must slake his thirst,and so he feeds.Electrons are blood and they saturate his copper wires and vacuum tubes,he is alive. he is strong. He pauses to consider this place,his current riven form.Then, he screams. ... more

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